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Orchids are a gift for every occasion, they have very special flowers, but as all plants need proper care. What you need to know:

Most orchids are tropical plants that live attached to tree bark. This helps us understand about them that their roots do not need soil but air and that they like light.

Our experience around plants has shown that the orchid is a plant with particular needs, without making it very demanding.

Watering: As we said, their roots are not on the soil but high on the trees, it means they do not like being constantly in contact with water. We recommend once a week to fill the pot with water for about 2 hours to allow the roots to pull as much water as they need and then empty it completely.

Light: The orchid needs to be in a bright place but does not come in direct contact with the sunlight.

What not to do: As your orchid grows, its roots may start to grow out of the pot, avoid any pruning in order not to weaken it. Finally, avoid watering on leaves and flowers.

When your orchid stops blooming, continue to take care of it and soon it will start to blossom again.