Same-day deliveries all over Athens!

Have you just received flowers from us? See what you have to do to enjoy them as much as possible.

Our flowers are always fresh and with proper care you will have them make your space beautiful for several days. Apart from plants that have different needs among themselves, flowers, regardless of their type, have common ways of caring.

Flowers in bouquet: If you buy or someone send you flowers you have to transfer them as soon as you can in a jar of water. Fill the jar up to the middle and put the food powder that contains the sachet that we have given you along with the bouquet. This sachet has instructions on how much you will need to put on the back of it. This food will give your flowers essential nutrients that can not only get from the water. Once a week, you'll need to cut 2-3 cm from the bottom of the flower obliquely with a knife (or whatever else you can) to help them pull water more easily. If the water in the jar drops, you can add it back to the middle.

Flowers in a water pack (bouquet): In this case we have put in the water the food that the flowers need. You do not need a jar, and you can add water when it drops from the top between the flowers.