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Preserved roses are different from dried roses. Learn why they are so unique!


In drying we need to hang them upside down for several days to completely dehydrate. While it is a good way to preserve some flowers that have a little emotional value for us, it makes them fragile so they slowly lose their petals.

Preserved roses are true flowers that after a certain treatment have the look and texture of a real flower. The process starts with their careful sorting so that they are at their best moment when cut. The flowers are immediately immersed in a preservative made from glycerol and other ingredients from the plant. Gradually the juice of the rose is replaced by the essence for a few days and finally each rose is examined for defects in order to have a perfect result.

If you want flowers that will last from 1 to 3 years then preserved roses are the best choice. In our preserved roses category you will find several creations for every occasion.